Site-specific one-week photography project

During a one week project I photograph within a fixed radius of a temporary work space. Everyday I uploaded the pictures I took during the day to a dedicated weblog documenting the project, as well as thumbnails on a map so it's possible to see where each image. was taken

When I am walking around taking photographs, a screen in the work space shows my location, as I am using a GPS tracker to capture my every move. By the end of each day I choose one photograph (the 'pick-of-the-day') that then gets printed on a large format and becomes part of the exhibition that follows my one week of photographically exploring the spaces close surroundings.

Editions so far have taken place in Amsterdam (NL, July 2015), Tiel (NL, February/March 2016) and Arnhem (May/June 2016)

Take a look at  the dedicated page for each edition:


--> Siting: Building026 (Arnhem, NL, May/June 2016)