Siting: Qlick Editions

During a one week project, from July 5 until July 12 2015 I have been photographing only within a 1000 meter radius of my temporary work space at Qlick Editions in Amsterdam.

Everyday I uploaded the pictures I took during the day to a dedicated weblog documenting the project, as well as thumbnails on a map so it's possible to see where each image. was taken During each day, while I was walking around taking photographs, you could see where I was on a screen in the gallery, as I was using a GPS tracker to capture my every move. By the end of each day I picked one photograph that was then printed on a large format and became part of the exhibition that followed my one week of producing and editing.

The gallery below shows each photo of the day in a chronological order.

To see how the project progressed day by day and get an insight in the way I edited down each day's shoot, click any of the buttons below to see what and where I shot that day.

The map below shows all the photographs I have been taking inside the area during the project.. 

Generously sponsored by Gallery Color

Generously sponsored by Gallery Color