Siting: Building026

During a week, I worked from Building026 in Arnhem, the Netherlands while doing a one week location-specific photography project. From May 25 until June 1 2016 I photographed within a 1 mile radius of my temporary work space at Building026.

Everyday I uploaded the photographs I took during the day to this project page where you can see how the project unfolded. I also placed the photographs as thumbnails on a map so it's possible to see where each image was taken.

By the end of each day I chose the 'pick of the day'; one photograph that got printed on a large format to become part of the exhibition during GET FED Art Fair in Building026 that followed my one week of producing and editing. GET FED Art Fair opened on Thursday June 2, between 18 and 20 hrs. The exhibition was open to visitors until the 19th of June.

To see how the project progressed day by day and get an insight in the way I edit down each day's shoot, click any of the buttons below to see what and where I shot that day.

The map below shows all the photographs I took inside the area during the project..