An intensive three- or five-day stop motion animation workshop

In Rapid Succession is a stop motion workshop aimed at students who are highly motivated and prepared to work really hard for a short period of time. Students who know what they want while at the same time are open to investigate new possibilities, who love to experiment and develop their individual vision on art. 

Our aim is to help students overcome the often felt obstacle of learning a new technique in order to enable them with new capabilities to express themselves in their art and develop as artists and creative thinkers. 

In Rapid Succession is an opportunity initiated with the aim of enriching individual creative practice and promoting collaboration. 


Stop motion animation

Stop motion is a very accessible hands-on animation technique that quickly leads to impressive results, motivating students to dive in deeper. After three or five intense days (depending on your choice) of making we close the workshop with an exciting premiere evening, screening all the resulting animations.


The workshop

This intensive workshop is designed to help students understand the narrative, aesthetic, and emotional aspects of stop motion animation and visual storytelling. Participants should be prepared to work intensively with a sense of visual curiosity and instincts in order to extend the limits of their approach to visual storytelling. 


About us

In Rapid Succession is a Dutch artist collective based out of Amsterdam, consisting of Maarten Rots and Anne Wolters. We have a combined experience of over 8 years of teaching in different art fields and academies with students from all over the world. Maarten as an artist and teacher and Anne as a designer.

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