siting: Kunsthuis Kaayk - day 7

Wednesday, March 3 2016. Day 7 of Siting: Kunsthuis Kaayk in Tiel, the Netherlands.

The last day to shoot, a strange feeling. The weather once again treated me really well - it was quite sunny. I finished early today, needing the time to organize the exhibition that will open on Saturday.

It's strange how choosing the final pick of the day feels so much more definitive. I've been going back and forth whether to pick one or another. Eventually I went with a shot that does not resemble the city as I experienced it, but I really like the atmosphere it breathes. It does feature a very distinct bit of architecture though: the mid-section is the facade of the city's theater. 

Pick of the day for Siting: Kunsthuis Kaayk Day 7 Thursday, March 3 2016.