siting: building026 - day 6

It's Monday, May 31 2016. My sixth day of Siting: Building026

The before last day. We had really heavy showers through the night, but I woke up to a very sunny morning. I took my benefit and had some very nice shots. After some hours I had to go to Tiel to break down the exhibition of the previous edition of Siting. After returning the weather had changed to cloudy but I took my chances for a second session. Eventually the sun lit up the city again and I went on longer than I should have. Can't complain; I'm working in nice weather doing what I love.

The pick of the day comes from the morning session - it's shot just maybe 100 meters from the pick of the day from day 1. Any situation can look completely different at a different moment, different point of the day or even your own mood influences what jumps out in any given situation. 

Pick of the day for Siting: Building026 Day 6, May 31, 2016