siting: Kunsthuis Kaayk - day 5

Tuesday, March 1 2016. Day 5 of Siting: Kunsthuis Kaayk in Tiel, the Netherlands.

I had a shorter than normal walk while shooting today. I knew it was probably going to rain today, which bugged me a little. When there's a lot of sunlight I simply work more smoothly. Luckily the rain didn't come until 1 PM, so I managed to stay dry. 

A shorter walk led to a smaller amount of photographs, which made it a little less hard to choose the pick of the day. I really like how textured this image is, there are a lot of tiny scratches on the surface and with a background that is so soft in colors it almost feels like a pastel drawing.  

Pick of the day for Siting: Kunsthuis Kaayk Day 5, Tuesday, March 1 2016.