siting: Kunsthuis Kaayk - day 4

Monday, February 29 2016. Day 4 of Siting: Kunsthuis Kaayk in Tiel, the Netherlands.

Weather-wise the best day so far, and if the forecasts are correct also the last sunny day. So I made sure I got all the shots I could today and ended up with an enormous load of photographs which made it hard to edit down to a good selection. As you can see on the map I stuck to a very particular part of the city.

Next to my regular shooting I had the rare opportunity to visit a construction site, where the new cultural center is being constructed. Helmet, safety vest and steel toed boots allowed me to go down the 45 feet deep parking garage they are constructing before the rest of the building get constructed. I have put these shots as a separate gallery on today's page, so scroll down a little further to take a look at these photos. 

Then there was the difficult task of choosing the pick of the day. As always I did manage to pick one and I am really happy how all the layering turned out.

Pick of the day for Siting: Kunsthuis Kaayk Day 4, February 29, 2016