siting: Kunsthuis Kaayk - day 3

Sunday, February 28 2016. Day 3 of Siting: Kunsthuis Kaayk in Tiel, the Netherlands.

Again a nice and sunny day so I did the smart thing and got out early again, starting at 7:30 AM. Today was a Sunday which means the shop in the city center are all closed. This has some advantages when you don't want people in your shots.

The gallery below is the first rough selection, again like yesterday quite a lot - 52 in total

As usual by now, choosing the pick of the day is a tough task, there are always a few good options and once  make the decision there's no going back. The shot on the right is pick of the day for day 3. 

Pick of the day for Siting: Kunsthuis Kaayk Day 3, February 28, 2016